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Muskan Aswani

BFM, NM College

I wanted to invest in myself like everyone but as rightly claimed  Long- Term investing is troublesome ; you need a well-built start , unbreakable  base and everlasting  support and I was among those few fortunate people to get all of this under one roof at Pursuit and LeapUp's CfaElite program.


Saloni Shah

BAF, NM College

The cfa elite course is a package of practical and theoretical knowledge . it helped me to gain Knowledge about the actual financial world and have a global outlook .It also taught me that learning is not merely bookish knowledge. It is much more than that. The faculty has been very understanding and helpful, knowledgeable and brought real world expertise to their teaching.

Hinal Shah

BAF, NM College

Before joining the CFA elite program, I had zero knowledge regarding the application of various concepts. This is a much better course than the usual theoretical lectures because it's practical oriented and we get to work on actual financial data. The faculty is approachable.  makes learning a fun filled activity and personal attention is given to each student. 

Nayantara Chowdhary

BAF, NM College


CFA elite is an amazing program. It makes the learning process very engaging and along with the practical lectures, gives us a deeper understanding of the topics.  This course is helping me to understand the different aspects of finance and it’s applications.

Jatan Shah

BFM, NM College

CFA Elite is truly one of its kind. The practical lectures are something I look forward to as it not only teaches me how to actually apply what was taught in class but also is a lot of fun. The faculty in theory lectures is top notch and frankly the most helpful teachers I have ever had. If you need a level up in CV, a crystal clear understanding of all the concepts of CFA combined with lot's of practice in terms of mock tests, CFA Elite is the way to go.

Priya Shah

BFM, Mithibai College


People learn better by doing things practically rather than theoretically, especially when it comes to a conceptual course like CFA. My experience with CFA ELITE has been great. I have learned the entire process in a unique manner. The out of box tutoring at this institution has helped me immensely.

Sakshi Lahoti

BFM, NM College



CFA elite classes has given me a platform to learn about CFA in depth with more practicality. Practical knowledge makes learning more easier and better. I am totally satisfied studying this course and would surely recommend it to others. :)

Mudra Desai

BAF, NM College

I would to thank Pursuit Academy for introducing this unique course. As CFA is very well developed course, it will help us develop our finance competence. But to actually step into the corporate world, we need to apply this theory into practical and which this course is helping me to do. It looks easy when sums solved from textbook, but when you open the balance sheet of a company, you get to know the variation.

Karan Parekh

BAF, NM College

The one thing which I was looking for was 'knowledge beyond textbooks'
Leap Up is the place which provided me with that. Byhearting things from the text books would always give me marks, but I was totally blank when it came to applying those things in the market. After joining the elite course, I came to know how does the market actually works.

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